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George Epps - President

George Epps is the President of Epps and Assoc., Inc., a Dallas based adjusting company. He has adjusted claims for over thirty years. He was a property instructor at Insurance Technical Training Institute for three years. 
He taught a property licensing course at Leonard's Training Programs for ten years. Mr. Epps brings a teaching perspective from a field point of view, rather than from a construction point of view.
The class is designed for outside adjusters/appraisers charged with writing residential property and catastrophic loss apprasials.. The course is also designed to benefit supervisors and inside adjusters who preview and examine estimates prepared by others.
The emphasis of this course is to teach the student how to adjust a loss and not how to build a house. No prior building construction knowledge is necessarry.
The material taught in this class instills confidence and ability in the student.
When a student completes the course as required from EITP he or she will have the confidence and ability to go into the field alone and process a claim.